Our Printed sheets have one thousand and one uses: they can help you decorate your chocolates, your desserts (by breaking off pieces); they can also be used to decorate your ice creams, your mousses, and any other rich dish.

By pouring chocolate or any other sauce onto your printed sheets, you can create an infinite variety of decorations.

We offer two types of material (nylon or PVC) depending on your needs. You can use our sheets alone or with a stencil or mould.
Printed sheets will bring an incomparably smooth and brilliant finish to most of your creations (chocolate, cream, butter etc.).

These decorations help showcase your creations by bringing the perfect imprint and a real originality to your products.
As with all PCB products, the Printed sheets are endlessly customisable so you can make your mark on all your creations.


Put one sheet inside your mould before moulding (e. g. for cards) or on sweets and chocolates after coating, as multiple decors in chocolate, cut them out, roll them up, use a pastry cutter, etc.

To personalise any rich-based product (e. g. butter, foie gras, etc.)

To create your chocolate plaques for your desserts and small cakes with the help of a stencil. To customise your macaroons, to decorate and personalise meringues.

For all kinds of decoration for ice cream and ice cream desserts.