A variety of decorations

Specialised in food decorations, PCB Creation provides professionals in pastry making and the restaurant business with a very wide variety of décorations : finished decorations, do-it-yourself decorations, decorations for chocolate truffles and entremets, moulds, fruit and vegetable leathers… all of them products intended to facilitate decoration. The products in our collections are designed in tandem with recognised professionals from the world of pastry making and the restaurant business : Pierre Hermé, Christophe Michalak, Sébastien Bouillet…

Sweet Applications

Plates, transfer sheets, objects in chocolate…PCB has developed a wide range of decorations, ready to be applied to every one of your pastry creations : entremets, logs, ice creams or bonbons and éclairs. We offer you a very broad choice of creations, from the most traditional to the most innovative, intended to facilitate production, make the most of your pastry creations and showcase your expertise. The majority of our products can also be used for savoury applications.

Ingredium range

The INGREDIUM range is composed of four product categories: Texturizers & Starch, Acids and Salts, Emulsifiers and Stabilizers, and Sugars and Derivatives.
INGREDIUM represents a wide range of solutions carefully selected and formulated by our team
Research & Development, in close collaboration with chefs and pastry chefs,
to bring you solutions for your culinary hurdles and open up an infinite universe of creation.
Discover our Ingredium range.


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