Methyl-Gel is a fibre derived from plant cellulose

Methyl-Gel is a fibre derived from plant cellulose. It is a cold thickener that becomes a gelling agent during cooking. This evolution of its temperature-related properties is reversible, making it a unique texturizing agent.

Properties: cold thickener, jellifies when heated

Recommended dosage: 0.5 - 3%.
Recommended use:
• Disperse the Methyl-gel in very cold water using a whisk rather than a mixer; recommended because Methyl-gel has a stabilizing effect on the air bubbles that will be incorporated and it will therefore be more difficult to release them
• Leave to stand for at least 30 minutes to an hour, shaking regularly to allow optimal hydration.
• To obtain a gel, heat to more than 70°C

Typical applications include: glue for cooked products (reconstituted meat specialities, vegetable patties), to limit fat absorption in battered fried products, baking resistant stuffings, to improve the volume and baking performance of fine bakery and pastry products