Emul A

Emul A is a natural sunflower lecithin concentrate.

Emul A is a natural sunflower lecithin concentrate. We have selected this de-oiled reference in powder format for its ease of use. It works well with liquids and quite well with fatty preparations

Properties: emulsifier, stabilizer


 Creamy salted butter caramel

Recommended dosage: 0.3 - 1%.

Recommended for use:
• Mix the powder beforehand with other powder ingredients in the recipe (sugar, flour...)
• Disperse in a cold or hot liquid and heat up to 50°C (60°C maximum) for complete dissolution.

Examples of typical applications: improving dough in bakery and preservation of baked products, stabilizing emulsions, stabilizing sauces, stabilizing emulsified fats in confectionery, caramels.

Comment / Limitations:
Sunflower lecithin has a fatty acid profile very close on average (compared to other botanical origins) to that of soybean lecithin in the same form (powder, deoiled), but with a small difference in some respects. This feature may lead to the observation of a slightly different function depending on the application.