To fill

Chocolate shells

For your plates

An infinite variety of shapes and sizes is available to satisfy your every desire for edible recipients : droplets, cupcakes, tubes… They bend to your every desire and constraint, guaranteeing perfect visual presentation, for your shops, your buffets, or your desserts on a plate.

Chocolate shells to fill

For your sweet petits-four

PCB Creation has designed a comprehensive range of chocolate shells that can be used to make a wide variety of products : chocolate bonbons with very soft sweet centres, petits-four and other sweet products. The fineness of these shells allows those who so wish to apply a coating after filling the shell.


To add the perfect finishing touch to your creations

Want to create outstanding individual entremets and petits-fours ? Looking for settings that leave an impression on your guests'imagination at your buffets ? PCB Creation has selected a range of dessert glasses, recipients and trays that play on transparency to add the perfect finishing touch to your creations and provide them with a setting worthy of them.

Half-shells to fill

For your sweets

PCB Creation has developed a unique concept for easy-to-make, extremely cost-effective filled sweets. You place a first sheet of half shells in the magnetic mould. The second sheet is placed in the other half of the mould. You fill the the half shells with a piping bag with the filling of your choice. Once the half shells have been filled, you simply have to close the magnetic mould and put the products in a cool place for 4 hours. The result will be beautiful decorated sweets.

Pompons and little pompons

For your sweet or savoury treats

The pompoms and little pompoms are the result of a technique developed by PCB : these extra fine shells are intended to be filled with a wide variety mixtures and then deep frozen. They can then be taken out of the moulds as and when you need them. These shells are suitable for all of your sweet or savoury treats.

Tart shells

For your presentations

A range especially developed to satisfy your every expectation at your buffets and special events, and for every day. Selected premium ingredients, a fine glaze for petits-fours and perfect items in terms of presentation and taste.

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Les savoir faire en vidéo

Dans un souci constant d’amélioration de notre partenariat, nous avons souhaité répondre à la demande d’un accompagnement face à nos techniques, et aux gestes à maîtriser dans l’emploi de nos produits phares. Nous vous présentons donc ces fiches techniques qui se consultent tel un concentré de savoir-faire, une compilation de modes d’emploi et d’astuces, qui englobe toutes nos familles de produits.


Pour décorer vos biscuits, une gamme de motifs sur papier sulfurisé.


Découvrez une nouvelle façon élégante de décorer vos éclairs !


En coulant du chocolat sur ces feuilles, vous réaliserez une infinité de décors.