Cocoa butter

A hint of colour

Make your work easier with ready-to-use coloured cocoa butter that will ensure perfectly even colour blending. You can use this product in a number of ways : direct colouring with a brush, spray (airbrush, spray gun...) to colour your chocolate and tint your creams…

Colours for chocolate or cocoa butter

Tint your entremets

To create all your colours based on a blends of fats. Melt cocoa butter, add powdered colouring and mix with a brush to fully dissolve the particles of colouring in fat. This blend can be conserved. It simply has to be put in the oven to melt to use it again. For your chocolate spray : make a mixture of 50% couverture and 50% cocoa butter. Add the blend described above.

Shiny colours

A touch of shine

To add shine and a touch of glamour to all your products. This food surface colouring will make all the products to which you apply it shine and give it extraordinary sparkle. Several options : powdered : spread it with your finger, sprinkle it on objects, spread a little powder on a nylon sheet. Or else : rub on with your finger and place chocolate bonbons on the sheet that have just been dipped. If you dilute it with alcohol: apply it with a brush.

Velvet sprays

A touch of softness

The innovation in the world of pastry making : Velvet Spray. These sprays can be used to produce brown, white or coloured velvet effects of remarkable finesse and also provide many graduated velvet effects and nuances on frozen entremets. Underline the contours of your entremets, draw with the help of stencils… you are the artist in charge !

Water soluble colours

For colourful creations

To colour your sugars and almond pastes…these water-soluble colourings can also be used with an airbrush. Process : dissolve in boiling water or alcohol.

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