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Autumn-Winter 2019

Studio (n) : The place where an artist works. «The artist’s function is very clear: he must open a studio, and set the world to rights, in fragments, as it comes to him.» This sentence by Francis Ponge suits you well, setting the world to rights, bringing pleasure to people, making their eyes dazzle and their palates mellow. Like the taste masters who’ve come to create their most beautiful works in our studio/lab: Cédric Grolet, Nicolas Bacheyre, Claire Heitzler, Patrice Ibarboure and Johan Martin. Come and test our new creative tools, our new palettes of tender shades, and for all the gourmet paintings that we will create together this season, in advance: hats off to the artists!

Previous collection

Spring-Summer 2019

As the creators of gastronomie, you are graced with patience and finesse, much like the gardener. When time, hard work and passion come together in creativity and know-how we can reach excellence. Your aptitude to sow new ideas and make creations grow with the seasons. The patience needed to let the flower of one’s project bud. This passion that pushes you to exceed your limits every day. Yes, let’s admit it, you’re truly botanists of good taste! Together we can cultivate new gardens in light of this collection ; perfumed with nature and accented by our prestigious guests: Etienne Leroy, Quentin Bailly, Tom Coll, Jimmy Mornet and Gabriel Lequang.

Previous collection

Autumn-Winter 2018

Giving you a helping hand with your daily challenges but also accompanying you in your wildest dreams, this is our approach, every single day. Let's carry on dreaming together, and light up the sky in your customers’ eyes with this collection brought to you by the brilliantly talented rising stars of the pastry world : Étienne Leroy, Bastien Girard, Maxence Barbot, Julien Merceron and François Daubinet. Soak up the beauty of their amazing creations and picture your holiday season being shiny, creative & sparkling !

Savoury range

A decoration story

Discover our decorations for savoury applications : our vegetable leathers composed of 100% natural ingredients in carrot, tomato, leek and parsnip flavours. Also discover the crispy textured petals that give your dishes height, volume and colour.

Tart shell


Discover the real "Made in France” tart shell. PCB Creation’s production facility was founded, and has always been, in Alsace France. We are proud to represent real "Made in France” quality. That's why we would like to propose this new range of tart shells.

Pure Emotion

100% natural, 0% coloring

Discover a whole new range of finished decorations and DIY decorations based on nature ; flora and fauna. Choose Pure Emotion ; decorations without colourings ! This new range will meet all your expectations when it comes to the visual aspect, taste, work methods and infinite application possibilities.

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Les savoir faire en vidéo

Dans un souci constant d’amélioration de notre partenariat, nous avons souhaité répondre à la demande d’un accompagnement face à nos techniques, et aux gestes à maîtriser dans l’emploi de nos produits phares. Nous vous présentons donc ces fiches techniques qui se consultent tel un concentré de savoir-faire, une compilation de modes d’emploi et d’astuces, qui englobe toutes nos familles de produits.


Pour décorer vos biscuits, une gamme de motifs sur papier sulfurisé.


Découvrez une nouvelle façon élégante de décorer vos éclairs !


En coulant du chocolat sur ces feuilles, vous réaliserez une infinité de décors.