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Annual 2020-2021

The forest is bursting with a thousand legends, a multitude of bewitching mysteries and creatures with hidden gifts. Nature is the source of all things, of all creation. She inspires us, keeps us on our toes, nourishes us she is us, and we are her. In this world you will discover the power to be warlocks of our taste buds, and bring your greatest talents forward to offer them to the world. Our shamans of this season, Étienne Leroy, Quentin Bailly and Julien Alvarez have understood this. They have drawn from the depths of their imagination to create magical desserts, each one more bewitching than the last. Take a sip of the potion that is our new collection, splashed with lovat greens and deep reds. Let yourself be bewitched by our new products.

Previous collection

Spring-Summer 2020

The world of gastronomy is close to the world of music. You compose your creations as you would compose a song: chords, notes, harmony... We suggest mixing all the senses over the course of this new collection: sight, taste, hearing are all awakened in creations magnificently orchestrated by our Rock Stars of the pastry world: Jérôme De Oliveira, Eric Bergon, Yvan Chevalier, Nicolas Lambert and Etienne Leroy. Come and compose your favorite song by choosing your chords from our new songbook, let's unite our voices to make Easter and summer an unforgettable show!

Tart shell


Discover the real "Made in France” tart shell. PCB Creation’s production facility was founded, and has always been, in Alsace France. We are proud to represent real "Made in France” quality. That's why we would like to propose this new range of tart shells.

Pure Emotion

100% natural, 0% coloring

Discover a whole new range of finished decorations and DIY decorations based on nature ; flora and fauna. Choose Pure Emotion ; decorations without colourings ! This new range will meet all your expectations when it comes to the visual aspect, taste, work methods and infinite application possibilities.

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Les savoir faire en vidéo

Dans un souci constant d’amélioration de notre partenariat, nous avons souhaité répondre à la demande d’un accompagnement face à nos techniques, et aux gestes à maîtriser dans l’emploi de nos produits phares. Nous vous présentons donc ces fiches techniques qui se consultent tel un concentré de savoir-faire, une compilation de modes d’emploi et d’astuces, qui englobe toutes nos familles de produits.


Pour décorer vos biscuits, une gamme de motifs sur papier sulfurisé.


Découvrez une nouvelle façon élégante de décorer vos éclairs !


En coulant du chocolat sur ces feuilles, vous réaliserez une infinité de décors.